Journey Of The Suit

Many shy away from suits because of the discomfort they associate them with. Well, they are not wrong; there was a time when suits were uncomfortable, but thanks to innovations and inventions, we now have artificial fibres that, in conjunction with natural fibres, can make comfortable, stretchy suits that are comfortable to wear.

The inspiration for suits began in an era when commoners were banned from putting on good furs, satin and velvet embellishments, and royal purple. However, dismantling this dress code set the stage for a new dress code that paved the way for suits.

Suits are mostly viewed as business attires in offices and workplaces as symbols of appropriateness, respect, and formality. However, as style evolves and many people begin to find the styles they resonate with, suits have now become more informal, fun, and playful, allowing many to exercise their creativity and boldness.

There is more than one method of making a suit; traditional handcrafting techniques and sewing machines. A bespoke suit is sewn from top to bottom with individual specifications in mind. With bespoke clothing, there are endless possibilities; as limitless as your imagination. A bespoke suit offers longevity, customization and uniqueness. Today, you can enjoy showing off your creativity and elegance with a Miyestra Bespoke suit.